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When it comes to having your equipment inspected are you asking the right questions? Inspection on all of your rigging and lifting devices are required once a year at the minimum. The lowest bidder may not always be the best or most competent choice. You should ensure that your inspector has been trained and has the knowledge necessary to provide you with a thorough inspection. He or she should be certified in Non Destructive Testing (NDT) by a credible institution. While anyone can take a short certification class or seminar, there is no substitute for field experience.

The company providing your inspection should be able to provide you with the qualifications of your inspector anymore than a few references. Below are some questions you should be asking about your inspections:

  • What are the qualifications & experience of the inspector performing the work?
  • Can the company provide references?
  • Does the inspector carry a copy of all the regulations with him or her?
  • Will the inspection follow the manufacturer’s inspection requirements?
  • Will the inspection comply with state or federal regulations
  • Can the company provide proof of insurance?
  • Does the company understand the needs of your industry or application of the equipment?

Your inspector should have a copy of the most current specifications available for reference while on site and follow them accordingly. Your company of choice should also be fully insured. The safety of your employees depends on it.

Your inspector should make sure he or she fully understands the specific needs of your company. Knowing the types of lifts that your company makes and the frequency of the lifts is the best way to determine your inspection needs.

Chicago Jack Service will provide you with the copies of your inspection report and answer any questions you may have regarding the condition and safety of your equipment.

You should always feel confident about the condition of your lifting equipment and the thorough inspection provided by a trained professional will provide that confidence.

Visual Inspection

Alloy Chain Slings, Synthetic Slings, Wire Rope Slings, Wire Mesh Slings, Chain Mesh Slings, Jib Cranes & Hoists, Special Lifting Devices

Magnetic Particle
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