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Proper maintenance and crane repair is essential to keep cranes running safely and efficiently. Chicago Jack Service Inc. can repair and service any crane, including bridge, davit, gantry, and jib cranes.

We also provide equipment inspection services, equipment certification, and testing services. As part of our complete system approach, we can also help you purchase your next crane or other heavy equipment, parts, or tools.

Bridge Crane Repair

Bridge cranes are a type of overhead crane found in industrial-type environments. Bridge cranes can be inside a facility or outside in a yard, port, or other settings. Chicago Jack Service Inc. offers repair services for all major brands of overhead cranes. We also provide diagnostic and testing services. Our trained technicians can repair bridge cranes, either imported or American-made. Chicago Jack repair services extend to a wide range of equipment and tools, including:

  • Hydraulic
  • Bolting Tools
  • Pneumatic
  • Winches
  • Metal Working Tools
  • Hoists
  • Mechanical

When it comes to bridge and overhead crane repair, you may question whether upgrading or replacing the bridge crane entirely is best. Replacement or upgrade is always an option and something our factory-trained mechanics and sales team can help you with.

Jib Crane Repair

Jib cranes are best for those repetitive and unusual lifting tasks. Jib cranes are usually easier to operate than bridge and gantry cranes and come in different types, including:

  • Freestanding
  • Foundationless
  • Mast
  • Wall mounted

To keep crane repair to a minimum high-quality installation is critical. It should go without saying that a well-running jib crane relies on an expertly trained crane operator. Jib crane operators should fully understand the crane's features, functions, and movements.

At Chicago Jack Crane Services, we can help with regular and preventative maintenance so you can keep your operations running smooth. We offer convenient drop-off, pickup, and delivery services too. Contact us today for all of your jib crane needs.

Gantry Crane Repair

Gantry cranes are a type of overhead crane. They have many similarities to bridge cranes, but the significant difference is in the mounting. Bridge cranes are mounted or installed in a facility, and gantry cranes are mounted on tracks or wheel systems. Gantry cranes are generally easier to assemble and disassemble since they are not mounted to a building.

Our certified technicians at Chicago Jack Crane Service perform repairs for all equipment, components, and parts. We know that problems don't arise on a convenient schedule. We're here when you need us.

Davit Crane Repair

Davit cranes are sometimes confused with a jib crane. Davit cranes are more versatile than a jib, have more customizable options, are easier to operate, and generally have lower installation costs.

Among other environments, you'll see davit cranes used on ships, rescue boats, tugs, ferries, and other workboats to lower or lift equipment or other objects. Watch a tug boat or Coast Guard boat at work to see the davit cranes' impressive capabilities.

Our expert technicians can help you maintain and repair many davit crane models and their components. If you're looking to purchase a davit crane and winch combination, our sales team can help you make the best selection for your situation.

Contact Us Today

For over 70 years, Chicago Jack Service Inc. has delivered safety, reliability, and experience to our customers. Our mission is simple: to satisfy our customers 100%. We offer expert repair services on cranes and other equipment, tools, and components. As a sales center, we can help you purchase your next crane or other heavy equipment. Learn more by visiting our website or contact us today.

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