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1-1/2 Ton (7/16″) Screw Pin Anchor Shackle 

  • Chicago Hardware & Fixture Company: Your Source for USA Manufactured Industrial and Marine Hardware. Manufacturers of Wire Rope and Chain Fittings, Industrial and Marine Hardware.
  • All Shackles: Size, working load limit, and trademark are permanently marked on all shackles.
  • All shackles and pins are heat treated.
  • Loads are based on a safety factor of 6 to1, except (**) which is 5 to1.
  • When tested all shackles are pulled at a uniform rate of speed in a direct tension.
  • All types of shackles are available in a self-colored or hot galvanized finish.
  • When ordering specify the size, finish, and type of shackle.
  • Other rust preventative coatings are available on a special basis.
  • Safety shackles are of the same specifications as the regular types except for the bolt, nut and cotter.


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