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Tamco Rock Drill TS-55

  • Tamco offers multiple Toku rock drills for a wide variety of applications. Whether you’re drilling through rock, concrete, or brick; Tamco offers a rock drill that will fit your distinct requirments.
  • Model TS-55 60 pound class rock drill has all the power needed for the biggest jobs. They feature rugged construction and are designed for larger diameter bits and deeper drilling jobs.
  • Model’s TJ-20 and TJ-15 are mid-sized rock drills that pack a big punch. These drills are great for road building, shaft sinking, quarrying, as well as general demolition or construction work. Both models include standard, removable in line oilers.
  • Model’s TH-800 and THD-1100N are lightweight drills that are able to get into smaller spaces other drills cannot. These D-handled drills pack big power in a compact package.
  • All Tamco rock drills feature replaceable chuck bushings, drop forged alloy steel construction, and forged latch retainers.
  • Mufflers are available for the TS-55, TJ-20, and TJ-15 models.
  • TJ-20 and TJ-15 models include Clear-View in line oilers.


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