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Individual Bull Dolly

Individual Bull Dolly

  • Capacity: (4 Ton, 12 Ton & 24 Ton)
  • Style Tops: Rigid Diamond, Swivel Diamond, Swivel Padded
  • Style Wheels: Poly, Nylon, Steel
  • Lightweight, cost-effective solution for moving heavy equipment.
  • Rigid for straight line moving.
  • Swivel for turning, even in the tightest of corners. (All Swivel Top Styles include Locks for added control on long, straight moves.)
  • Diamond-have a spike-like steel grid able to grip into wood and provide a secure move for crated or palletized equipment.
  • Padded, with built-in neoprene pad -allow some compression and provide a non-slip surface, a versatile choice for moving on less than perfect floors or for moving metal-based machines.
  • Smooth -ideal for mounting the rollers to equipment or as a base unit for a variety of top modifications.

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