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Plate Clamps

Plate Clamps

  • Capacity: (1/2 Ton to 50 Ton)
  • Opening Range: (0 to 7”)
  • Styles:
    • Vertical Lifting,
    • Horizontal Lifting,
    • Non-Marking Lifting,
    • Beam Lifting,
    • Screw Clamps,
    • Drum Lifting,
    • Pipe Lifting,
    • Special Lifting Clamps
  • We offer a unique range of lifting clamps suitable for almost each lifting job. If our standard clamps are not suitable for your lifting situation, please contact us for a custom-made solution.

Horizontal Locking Clamps FHX, FHSX, THSK

Multi-Purpose Screw Clamps TSCC

Universal Lifting Clamps TSU, TSEU, STSU

Vertical Beam Lifting Clamps FBK

Vertical Locking Clamps TS, TSE, STS

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