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Overload Protection Chain Hoists

Overload Protection Chain Hoists

Standard Overload Protection – Overload device is set at approximately 150% of the rated load. This feature prevents the hoist from being severely overloaded causing damage to the hoist.
Free Wheel Feature – When not under load, the operator can disengage the gearing by positioning the selection switch to the center position. This allows for a quick adjustment of chain for faster operation.
Lifting or Pulling – Can be used for lifting or pulling which makes it a more versatile tool.
Minimal Load Lifting Effort – Double reduction gearing provides easy operation with minimal lifting effort.
360-Degree Handle Rotation – Allows the operator to work in confined spaces.
All-Steel Construction – Featuring a long lasting powder coat finish, the all-steel construction ensures durable protection while providing a long and dependable service life in harsh environments.
Weston-Style Brake System – An enclosed and protected Weston-Style load brake stays clean and dry during the entire load operation. Also equipped with a unique twin pawl design for additional reliability.
Enclosed Gearing – Gears are protected from contamination and debris.
Fully-Enclosed Lift Wheel – Maintains smooth operation while distributing the load over more links of chain. It also helps keep debris from contaminating the lift wheel and self-cleans the chain as it enters the wheel.
Sealed Roller Bearing – This feature provides smooth, controlled operation of the gears and shafts. This ensures maintenance-free lubrication.
Forged Hooks – Forged alloy steel hooks swivel 360° for easier attachment and positioning.
Cast steel safety latches – Heavy-duty, cast-steel safety latch has a bolt-and-lock nut connection. This feature simplifies changing latches in the field.
100% load tested Zinc-Plated Chain – Provides a durable non-oily finish.
Maintenance – Hoists can be quickly disassembled for fast and easy maintenance. See the videos and maintenance breakdown animations at
*Safety Hooks & Shipyard Hooks available for 1.5 and 3 Ton Lever Hoists

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