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Y-Link Angular Contact Bearing

Y-Link Angular Contact Bearing

  • Capacity: (WLL 0.45 thru 300 tons x Multiple Angular Contact)
  • Design Factor is 5:1 thru 35 tons & 4:1 above 35 tons x Proof Load is 2 WLL
  • First ever angular contact bearing swivel, USA patent 2,651,533
  • Bearing Design extends the life of the wire rope, and swivel life.
  • Low starting torque enables immediate swivel response.
  • Angular contact bearings endure higher rotational speeds.
  • Models 5 tons and up include lubrication fitting.
  • Durable structural parts are made from forged alloy steel- not cast.
  • Zinc plated inside and out for effective protection against corrosion.
  • Call for information for stainless steel, high pressure, and other special models.

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