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Snatch Blocks

Snatch Blocks

We offer a wide variety of multipurpose snatch blocks.

Over 235 models of single and double sheave snatch blocks are offered.
Capacities range from 2 to 30 metric tons;
Sheave diameters, from 3 through 24 inches.
Custom designs and sizes available also.

Only top grade materials are used for each component:

Plates: Structural quality carbon steel to ASTM-A36/A572.
Sheaves: Range from cast ductile iron, cast steel, or ForgeFab™ steel units with flame-hardened grooves (sizes 16 inches Outside Diameter and over).
Hooks: Drop Forged alloy steel, quenched and tempered.
Shackles:  Alloy steel, heat treated, with heat treated and tempered carbon or alloy steel pins.
Eyes: Carbon steel forged and heat treated.
Center Pins: AISI 1018/1045 cold finished carbon steel.
Latch Pins: AISI 1040 cold finished or stress proof carbon steel.

Single Sheave with Hook

Single Sheave with Shackle

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