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Hi-Lift Compact Reeve

Hi-Lift Compact Reeve

  • Capacity Range: (up to 300T) (Design factor 4:1)
  • (Sheaves from 8” to 36”) (Wire rope sizes to 1 ¾”)
  • Hooks- high quality forged alloy steel
  • Per DIN 15401 or DIN 15402
  • Other hook standards available
  • Heavy duty thrust bearing.
  • Dual motion-swing plus 360° rotation
  • Safety latch on all hooks. Double and other hooks available
  • Designed for shortest possible overall length.
  • Enclosed sheave guard for easier threading- eliminates possibility of rope jumping sheave.
  • “H” models provide additional overhaul weight with detachable steel cheek plates.
  • “T” and “TF”, extended or standard side plates- on 24” sheave models
  • Bearings and sheaves
  • Bronze bushings optional. Individual sheave lubrication for assured grease penetration.
  • Heavy duty cast steel sheaves standard; roll formed/welded sheaves available.
  • Bronze spacers between sheaves eliminate galling.

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