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Crane Blocks-Mobile Crane Reeve-Thru™

Crane Blocks-Mobile Crane Reeve-Thru™

  • Capacity (15 to 80 tons standard) (Higher capacities available)
  • Sheave sizes (up to 24”) (up to 1 ¼” wire rope) 1 to 7 sheaves
  • Technical Features – Design Factor 4 to 1 minimum
    • Quick-reeving configuration with optional drop-away sheave guards allows easy passage of rope with end fitting in place.
    • Dead end centered above the sheaves on 1-4 sheave blocks, 5 and up dead end to side plate.
    • Hooks are forged alloy steel, single or duplex, in accordance with DIN15401 or DIN15402.
    • Single hook blocks include heavy-duty locking latches.
    • Locking latches optional for duplex hooks.
  • All hooks are individually certified for mechanical and physical properties including Charpy impact test and include ultrasonic and magnetic particle evaluation. 
  • Lubrication For sheave bearings via channels in the sheave pin. Hook bearing grease fitting is in the hook upper end.
  • Hook-locking Device is available for all models over 40 tons. Allows user to lock hook every 90°.
  • Side plates and cheek weights are full-length and provided for a range of overhaul weights.

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