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Crane Blocks

Crane Blocks

Hi Lift, Compact Reeve:

  • Capacity: (standard models to 300 Tons WLL) (Up to 13 parts of line)
  • (Design factor 4:1 minimum)
  • Highly durable and compact Miller Hi-Lift Crane Blocks are available in Heavy, welded steel plate construction provides rigidity and strength for longer life.

Crane Blocks – Mobile Crane, Reeve-Thru™

  • Capacity: (Lifting capacities of 15 to 80 tons) (Design factor 4:1 minimum)
  • Sheave sizes to 24″ outside diameter.
  • The Reeve-Thru™ design of Miller Mobile Crane blocks allows easy passage of the wire rope without removal of the end fitting, for quicker changeover.

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Crane Blocks-Mobile Crane Reeve-Thru™

Hi-Lift Compact Reeve

Overhead Bridge Cranes

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