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Carbide Burs

Carbide Burs

  • Capacity: (1/8” – 1” Diameter) (1/8” & 1/4” Shanks)
  • Styles: Shape A, Shape B, Shape C, Shape D, Shape E, Shape F, Shape G, Shape H, Shape L, Shape M
  • Solutions & wide range of cuts for:
    • Universal Applications
    • High Performance Applications
  • We offer an extensive range of top-quality carbide burs.
  • Our burs deliver very high stock removal performance over their entire service life, providing outstanding results in minimal time.
  • With the innovative STEEL cut, our manufacturers have developed unique burs for working with steel and cast steel. They are characterized by significantly increased aggressiveness and good guidance, ensuring safe and precise work.
  • The extremely high stock removal rate makes burs with the STEEL cut impressive, with significant time savings and a high economic value.

Shape A Carbide Burs

Shape B Carbide Burs

Shape C Carbide Burs

Shape D Carbide Burs

Shape E Carbide Burs

Shape F Carbide Burs

Shape G Carbide Burs

Shape H Carbide Burs

Shape L Carbide Burs

Shape M Carbide Burs

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