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Annular Cutters

Annular Cutters

  • Capacity Range
    • (1/2” – 5-1/8” Diameter) (Also avail in metric)
    • (1” – 8” Depth of Cut)
  • Styles:
    • High Speed Cutters
    • Carbide Tipped Cutters
    • Rail Cutters
    • Armor Plated Cutters
  • High Speed Cutters – drill holes 3x faster than twist drills. Produce reamed-quality burr-free holes & solid slugs. Eliminate costly pilot holes & step drilling.
  • Carbide Tipped Cutters – are designed for harder, rough, rusted, or more abrasive materials, but offer excellent performance in mild and structural steel applications.
  • Rail Cutters – Round, clean, burr-free hole – better than spade drills. More cutting teeth to distribute the load evenly – increase tool life and achieve faster feed rates.
  • Armor Plated Cutters – Drill with less friction and more power.  Withstand higher working temperatures – up to 1480˚F (800˚C).  Dry drill or lubricate with water to simplify working conditions and cleanup**.  Prevent cold weld – metal chips do not adhere to the cutter. Are ideal for structural steel and hard metal.

Armor Plated Cutters

Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters

High Speed Annular Cutters

Rail Cutters

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