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  • Capacity: (10 te – 250 te) (22,000 lbs – 330,000 lbs)
  • Wire Rope Size Range: (5/32” – 3-1/2”)
  • The CableSafe is the continued evolution of SP’s running line tensiometers. Compatible with a wide range of rope and electrical cable diameters – 4-30mm.
    When used in the field, it will allow the user to monitor tension with exceedingly high levels of accuracy, which ensures that rope/cables do not become overstretched or break.
  • Measure tension when pulling electrical cables – protect against fractures or elongation
  • Measuring tension on synthetic rope when erecting delicate structures using gin poles and capstan winch
  • The high level IP67/NEMA6 ingress protection allows the product to be used in a variety of heavy weather conditions and dusty environments. These features, as a collective, means that it will be an invaluable and reliable tool in your work related armoury.
  • When used with a cable/rope pulling device you can remotely monitor the tension on the line using your smart handheld device via a Bluetooth connection*. You will be able to locate yourself up to 100m/328ft away from the Cable Safe to allow you to survey job progress from a distance.

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