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Rivet Busters and Accessories

Rivet Busters and Accessories

The NEW CP 4608 and 4611 rivet busters offer one of the best power-to-weight ratios on the market, together with a teasing throttle for precise control.
The teasing throttle is part of the Controlled Power System, CPS.
Other features of the system are control of blank firing and control over excessive wear.
There are also features for control over premature structural breakage.
There is an indicator groove on the lower sleeve which shows when it is time to replace the bumper.
All these features have the same objective: to help control the owners cost and avoid unexpected interruptions in the work.
Originally designed for removing rivets and various other metal applications, rivet busters are now also used for concrete demolition work and bridge work since they have approximately the same hitting power as a 60 lb (30 kg) breaker for half its weight.
Special Boyer valve and long piston stroke (8′ or 11′) to deliver the power to handle the toughest jobs.
Teasing throttle for precise control. Forged steel handle for long working life under rugged conditions.
Hardened steel piston.
Stepped cylinder design to prevent accidental ejection of the piston from the cylinder.
Special moil points, chisels and special steel for busters must be fitted to withstand the high power of the CP 4608/4611

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