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Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units

The New HP28 (TWIN8) twin circuit hydraulic power unit offers a revolutionary design capable of operating two tools at 8 gpm simultaneously.
For the first time running two hydraulic tools at full 8 gpm capacity is a reality, increasing productivity and versatility like never before.
Experience how the HP28 will change the way hydraulic tools are used and JOIN THE REVOLUTION! Each of the two circuits is optimized to deliver ideal flows and pressures to both Type 1 and Type 2 hydraulic tools.
ATM Technology Active Thermal Management (ATM) optimizes performance in extreme weather conditions. By managing oil temperatures, preheat time is decreased and tool runtime increases.
Side Handles New side handles improve ease of lifting the unit while adding side impact protection and with no moving parts to wear or corrode.
Solid Tires Eliminates the need to refill flat tires and decreases pull force needed for maneuvering.
Recessed Control Panel Protects dashboard and couplers.
Tough Grip Multi Position Handle Special Tough Grip handle surface improves comfort and control with increased durability.
Lifting Hook Flush face design protects the lifting hook from accidental job abuse.
Auto Choke Allows for quick and easy  starting of the power unit.
12V DC Plug For auxiliary power to other devices.

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