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Turn of Nut Wrenches & Accessories

Turn of Nut Wrenches & Accessories

  • Capacity: (400 ft lbs – 3700 ft lbs)
  • Size Range: (Bolts: 5/8” – 1-1/2”) (See individual tool specifications below)
    • TN-20EZ: (5/8″ A325, A490) (3/4″ A325)
    • TN-22EZ: (5/8” A325, A490) (3/4” A325, A490) (7/8” A325)
    • TN-24EZA: (3/4” A325, A490) (7/8” A325, A490) (1” A325 *)
    • TN-30EZ: (7/8” A325, A490) (1” A325, A490) (1-1/8” A325, A490)
    • TN-33EZ: (1” A325, A490) (1-1/8” A325, A490) (1-1/4” A325, A490)
    • TN-39EZ: (1-1/4” A325, A490) (1-3/8” A325, A490) (1-1/2” A325, A490**)
  • * 1” A325 Bolts is not for normal use with these bolts.  Lubrication is required.
  • ** 1-1/2” A490 Bolts may need to be lubricated to reduce installation torque below 3700 ft lbs. 

No more guessing the rotation – the tool automatically tightens the bolt assembly to the preset rotation
No more match-marking – the calibrated tool achieves the preset rotation every time
Electric and light-weight– no compressor or heavy air hoses required
Less fatigue – the installation torque is absorbed by the tool’s reaction arm, not the worker
No jobsite calibration required – Unlike torque-based installation methods, the turn of nut method is unaffected by changes in bolt diameter and torque. This means a lot less Skidmore testing and a lot less confusion for the installers.
Compliant with International Standards – TN-series wrenches are designed specifically for the “Turn of Nut” installation method found in most international standards, including AASHTO, AISC, RCSC, CSA & CISC.

Our Turn of Nut tools are also the easiest and most accurate way to install DTI’s. DTI’s are all about compression. The TN wrench’s rotation control in 1° increments provides accurate & reliable DTI compression every time—something that cannot be achieved with other installation tools.

Digital Torque Meters and extension sockets are available.

Select a Brand for Purchase Options

Select a Brand for Purchase Options

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