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Flange Alignment Tools

Flange Alignment Tools

  • Our flange alignment tools rectify twists and rotational misalignment without additional stress in pipe lines.
  • For most commonly used ANSI, API, BS and DIN flanges
  • No slings, hooks, or lifting gear. Extremely safe, high precision
  • ATM-1 manual flange alignment: supplied with three bushings for different bolt hole sizes. Can be used in reversed position.
  • ATM-3 mechanical flange alignment: fits on the following flanges:
    • Ring Type Joints: flange wall thickness (Min 30 – Max100 mm)
    • Gasket Type Joints: flange wall thickness (Min 25 – Max115 mm)
  • ATM-5 hydraulic flange alignment: fits when flange joint is:
    • between 93 – 228 mm (3.75 – 9 inch) apart and
    • bolt hole size 31,5 mm (1.25 inch) or greater
  • Can be installed and used in any position and any location
  • Stays stable in position under full load.

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