HS Model

HS Model

Model HS Portable Bolt-Tension Calibrator

Convert tool output to bolt-tension specs
Set production preload standards
Tests 3/4” through 1-1/2 inch high-strength bolts to 170,000 pound preloads

The Model HS is a highly reliable direct- action hydraulic load cell instrument designed for use with high-strength bolts through 1-1/2 inch size. Direct dial readings to 170,000 pounds of bolt tension within 1% accuracy show the preload delivered. Recommended minimum bolt tensions are plainly indicated on the gauge face. The Model HS can be clamped to a convenient column or bench.

The model HS is available with interchangeable bolt bushing and plate sets for each size bolt to be tested in a complete range through 1-1/2 inch bolt sizes. Adapters can be made for special applications.

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