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Bolt Testers

Bolt Testers

Skidmore Bolt Testers
“Bolt Testing” generally describes using our hydraulic load cells i.e. HS, J, K, M, MZ, S etc. to measure fastener performance as follows:

Pre-Installation Verification Tension Testing & Rotational Capacity Testing of structural fasteners per AISC/RCSC specifications.
General fastener testing to determine torque/tension relationships.
The types of components that can be tested include but are not limited to Hex Bolts, Tension Control Bolts, Anchor Bolts, Studs, Lock Nuts, Direct Tension Indicating Washers, etc.

Skidmore Wilhelm’s hydraulic tension calibrator, or bolt tension calibrator, has been the industry standard for testing high-strength bolts since we invented the technology in the 1950’s. Our units are required to be used on steel buildings, bridges and other structures using fasteners in tension critical joints.

Our units can safely be used with hand torque wrenches, impact guns, electric wrenches and hydraulic wrenches.

Model HS Portable Bolt-Tension Calibrator

Model MZ Bolt Tension Calibrator

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