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Rigging and Safety Products
Engineered Fall Protection Systems
    We can perform the following for your application:
  • Assessment Design Engineering
  • Fabrication Installation
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Re-Certification

    You will find Engineered Fall Protection in the following industries/applications:
  • Airline & Hanger
  • Arena & Stadium
  • Bridges
  • Construction
  • Municipal
  • Railcar
  • Amusement
  • Rooftops
  • Shipping & Transport
  • Theatre
  • Utility & Telecommunications
  • Mining
    3 Strand Twisted Rope
    California Truck Rope
    Polyextra® II
    Polypropylene, Fibrillate
    Polypropylene, Monofilamen
    Tanpro, (Manila color)
    Braided rop
    Cotton Venetian Blind Cor
    Diamond Braided Nylo
    Diamond Braided Polyeste
    Hollow Braid Polypropylene
    Solid Braid Polypropylene multifilament
    Solid Braid Polyester
    Solid Braid Nylo
    Cotton Sash Cord/Synthetic core
    Double Braided Nylon
    Double Braided Polyester
    Econobraid® Polyester
    Econobraid® Polyester with core
    Nylon Venetian Blind Cord
    Premium Cottons Sash Cord
    Braided Nylon Seine Twine
    Cotton Cable Cord
    Cotton wrapping Twine
    Polished Cotton Twine
    Polypropylene Baler Twine
    Polypropylene Wrapping & Tying
    Sisal Baler Twine
    Sisal Binder Twine
    Sisal Twine
    Twisted Nylon Seine Twine
    Twisted Nylon Seine Twine (colors)
    Mini Coils
    3 Strand Polypropylene
    3 Strand Nylon
    3 Strand Manila
    3 Strand Sisal
    California Truck Rope
    Special Products
    Derby Rope
    Polypropylene Webbing (Heavy)
    Polypropylene Webbing (light)
    PowerPoly Plus®
    Shock Cord
    Wire Center Cord
Lifting Clamps
    We have lifting clamps for all of your needs:
  • Plate and Fabricated
  • Structural Shapes
  • Quick Couplers
  • Pipe
  • Drum
  • Up to 15 Ton
Hoists Mechanical Hoists
  • Capacities 1/2 Ton through 100 Ton
  • Compact design makes it a perfect fit for use in tight quarters
  • Revolutionary freewheeling offers one handed operation
  • 360 degree handle rotation and pivot & swivel top hook for easy rigging
  • Slip clutch prevents lifting loads beyond rated capacity

Pneumatic Hoists
  • Pneumatic Hoists Proven in practice, air hoists excel in places where safety is paramount. Unlike electricity, compressed air does not generate sparks, making it the hoist of choice in hazardous areas. The highest quality materials, coupled with six generations of experience result in a product that is second-to-none. It is available with rope or push-button control.


  • Rugged construction, minimum headroom
  • Small and handy relative to its capacity
  • Simple design means low maintenance cost
  • Impervious to dust, vapors, humidity and temperatures
  • Unlimited switching and operation frequency
  • Explosion proof
  • Variable speed control Positive start system ensures a smooth start and consistent operation

    Spark-resistant package
    Chain container
    Offshore paint
    Delta-P overload protection

    If you want to see how we get our air hoists to move please click here.

    Chemical industry, assembly lines, electro-plating, pyrotechnical industry, glass industry, paint shops, textile industry, automotive industry, paper mills, shipyards, oil industry, aircraft industry, refineries, power plants, food industry, space industry.

    Electric Hoists

    • Up to 20 ton lifting capacity
    • Precision machined and hardened liftwheel with hardened chain guides for precise chain liftwheel fit
    • Gearing designed for exceptionally long life and quiet operation
    • H4 duty standard
    • Rugged control station (NEMA 4)
    • Hoist duty motor, standard Protector overload device and standard screw type limit switches
    • Made in U.S.A.
  • Slings Eye Hook


    • Eye and Eye
    • Endless
    • Check out the Tuff Edge Sling.

      Wire Rope

    • Single
    • Multi-Leg
    • Chain

    • Single
    • Multi-Leg
    • Round Slings


    • Hooks
    • Shackles
    • Eye Bolts
    Safety Seminars We offer on-site safety seminars for the safe care and use of:
    • hydraulic
    • mechanical
    • rigging
    • fall protection
    • pneumatic
      Built with the user in mind, FallTech offers a complete line of Full Body Harnesses. Unlike some harnesses, FallTech Full Body Harnesses have been engineered and tested for real life applications. Whether your job requires basic fall protection, or something to meet the demands of harsh work environment, FallTech provides a solution. FallTech harnesses are practical, field proven products built to withstand an unforgiving workplace and still perform when called into action.

      FallTech Full Body Harnesses are placed into four user platforms specifically designed for different levels of work environment. Whether you choose our top of the line JOURNEYMAN commercial grade, the TRADESMAN industrial duty, our CONTRACTOR construction grade, or the FT BASIC all purpose harness, you’ll get a wide range of standard features that include:

    • Stress indicating, load/impact, visual inspection safety tabs
    • Integrated Sub-Pelvic Strap
    • UV resistant polyester webbing throughout
    • Sliding back D-ring
    • Lanyard keepers
    • Drop forged hardware
    • Inspection labels
    • Mating or 9-position tongue buckle leg closures
    • Traceable serial numbers
    • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards
    • Donning and Sizing instructions, ABCs of Fall Protection and OSHA Standards
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