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Chipping Hammers
  • Standard and 4-Bolt Series
  • Hammers for Heavy Duty and Light Duty Applications
  • 1500-2800 BPM
  • 1"-4" Stroke
Drill Steel / Chisels
  • Steel for pneumatic tools are manufactured from low carbon steel, combining the benefits of a case hardened skin without the risks of core brittleness.
  • Drill rods are manufactured from mining grade or based steel. There are no re-melt contaminants in this steel, substantially reducing the risk of material fatigue.
  • End milled striking face - minimizes vibration and excessive wear, transmitts maximum blow energy.
  • Forged under traditional heavy hammers - ensures greater strength and durability
  • Electronically controlled manufacturing process - prevents air borne contaminants
Grinders Ergonomics and Operator comfort:
  • Low pressure side exhaust air No exhaust air blowing on the operator offers better comfort in use
  • Ergonomic shape Optimised for use in both grinding and cutting off operations offers reduced muscular tension during long operating periods
  • Ergonomic handle size Designed by ergonomists in collaboration with end users, allows for optimum handling with reduced stress
  • Ergonomic body shape & near ideal weight distribution Reduces operator fatigue
  • Vibration damped side handle & auto-balancing feature Lower hand/arm vibrations
Power and Productivity:
  • 2000 W (2.7hp) lube free motor Simple, single stage technology reduces size & weight, promoting output, reliability & operator comfort in use
  • High torque motor Increases stock removal rates & efficiency in operation
  • Built-in governor Ensures maximum motor power is available at high speed for sustained stock removal & efficiency
  • Heavy duty guard adjusted without tools Easy positioning to suit comfortable, safe operation
  • Push button spindle lock Easy, safe & rapid changing of abrasives
  • Oiled lubricated & sealed bevel gears Best for durability and easy maintenance
Hoists / Winches
  • Rugged construction, minimum headroom
  • Small and handy relative to its capacity
  • Simple design means low maintenance cost
  • Impervious to dust, vapors, humidity and temperatures
  • Unlimited switching and operation frequency
  • Explosion proof
  • Variable speed control
  • Positive start system ensures a smooth start and consistent operation
Impact Wrenches
  • 3/4" SQ Drive
  • 1" SQ Drive
  • 1-1/2" SQ Drive
  • #5 Spline Drive
  • 2-1/2" SQ Drive
  • Inside and Outside Triggers
  • Torque Range 265-4000 ft lbs.
Paving Breakers
  • Heavy duty, robust tools well suited for medium demolition work in construction and plant maintenance
  • Alloy steel forgings - excellent durability
  • Integral oiler - continuous lubrication
  • Heavy-duty front head springs - reduces reaction back to operator
  • Reversible piston - reduces maintenance cost
  • Air inlet swivel - for easy maneuverability
Portable Air Compressors
  • Low noise and exhaust emission
    - Units can be operated in the vicinity of hospitals, schools, residential areas and even at night
  • Unique design
    - Easy accessibility for service and maintenance
    - Fewer parts
  • Few moving parts
    - Reliability second to none and long service life
  • Controls grouped on one panel
    - Easy to monitor and control
  • Engine speed adapts to air demand
    - Economical power and fuel consumption
    - Stable air flow


  • Easy cutting of thick sheet metal.
  • Ideal for underground tank removal, I-Beam splitting, plate cutting, weldments, double sheets, etc.
  • Two speed gearbox.
  • Cutting capacity of .375" mild steel, .276" stainless and .472" aluminum.
  • Rotatable head - four 90 positions. Can cut over 90 bends with special die.
  • Includes punch for up to .375" mild steel and die for .276" to .394" thick material.
Nut Runners
  • Reversible: ideal for turning valves, tightening, tapping, reaming, beveling and expanding.
  • Compact angle head allows access to confined spaces
  • Worm gear drive provides high torque and reliability
  • Lightweight
  • Up to 423 Ft. Lbs
Rivet Busters
  • Special Boyer valve and long piston stroke (8' or 11') to deliver the power to handle the toughest jobs.
  • Teasing throttle for precise control.
  • Forged steel handle for long working life under rugged conditions
  • Hardened steel piston.
  • Stepped cylinder design to prevent accidental ejection of the piston from the cylinder.
  • Special moil points, chisels & special steel for busters must be fitted to withstand the high power of the CP 4181. (See product category 'Steel' or catalogue 9800 0366 93 for details and part numbers.)
Rock Drills
  • Excellent power-to-weight ratio helps drill holes faster and easier than comparable electric rotary hammers
  • Built-in oiler provides continuous lubrication
  • Teasing throttle for precise control
  • Cushioned piston for smooth operation, long life
  • 'Hushed Power' muffler available to reduce noise
  • Air scribe/Engraving Pens
  • Chisel Scalers-Riveting Hammers
  • Pneumatic Hammers
  • Weld Flux Chippers
  • Chippers-Chisel Scalers
  • Needle Scalers-Standard
  • Needle Scalers Vibration-Damped
  • Scaler maintenance kits
  • Long Reach Scalers
  • Scalers
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