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  • 1/2 through 250 ton actuators.
  • Housings are constructed of a durable aluminum alloy up to 1 ton and ductile iron / steel alloy for higher tonnage linear actuators.
  • Load screws are precision formed of high strength steel to provide optimal performance.
  • Gear nuts are high alloy bronze for exceptional wear and are supported by tapered roller bearing to provide both axial / side support.
Applications vary from processing mills to clean-rooms, automated assembly and food processing. They are used to open, close or position satellite antennas, doors, ladles, gates, dampers, valves, rollers, tables, presses and other types application requiring linear motion control.
Hoists Lever Hoists
  • Capacities 3/4 Ton through 9 Ton
  • Compact design makes it a perfect fit for use in tight quarters
  • Steel body is more durable yet lighter weight than die cast aluminum models
  • Revolutionary freewheeling offers one handed operation
  • 360 degree handle rotation and pivot & swivel top hook for easy rigging
  • Single load chain through 3 Tons
Chain Hoists
  • Capacities 1/2 Ton through 100 Ton
  • All-steel construction for extreme durability
  • Low headroom and lightweight design for ease of use
  • Slip clutch prevents lifting loads beyond rated capacity
  • Limited number of parts simplifies and reduces maintenance
Mine Roof Supports
  • Screw extension or ratchet lever styles.
  • 4 tons sustaining capacity
  • Multiple head styles to fit your needs.
  • Exceptionally light and portable: Aluminum alloy housing and base, coupled with covenient carrying handle
Suitable for mine maintenance and other industry application where ceiling height varies along with surface area.
Push / Pull Jacks
  • 6 models to select from: 610, 610-15, ER10, ER20, ER30, ER40.
  • Ideal for pulling, pushing or load holding applications.
  • Steamboat jacks have a spring activated pawl that ensures consistent performance.
  • Very low handle effort.
  • Simple to use and versatile for custom applications.
Used for connecting river barges, pulling forms and steel plates together and welding applications.
Ratchet Jacks
  • 8 Ratchet Jack models to select from: 84A, 85A, 86A, 1017, A1022, 22B, A1538, 24A, 2029.
  • Double lever sockets for jacking in close quarters.
  • Multiple-tooth pawls for strength & safety.
  • Drop-forged alloy steel, heat treated components.
  • Adjustable spring links.
  • Plated springs to resist corrosion.
  • Precision machining throughout.
  • Large base insures a firm foundation.
  • Supports full rated capacity on the toe or the cap.
Ratchet Jacks are widely used in oil fields, shipyards, construction, railroad and heavy duty industrial maintenance applications.
Reel Jacks
  • Reel Jack models to select from: 320B, 321B, A1029-R, A1029-L.
  • Double lever sockets.
  • Forged alloy steel, heat treated components.
  • Plated springs to resist corrosion.
  • Multiple-tooth pawls for strength and safety.
  • Adjustable spring links to keep your jacks working smoothly.
  • Tough hardwood bases laminated for extra strength
Used in pairs for reel support for any industry. They employ the same features as the Ratchet Jacks to provide safe, reliable performance with a minimal handle effort.
Screw Jacks
  • 9 Screw Jack models to select from: 1.5x6, 1.5x8, 1.5x12, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12, 2.5x8, 2.5x10, 2.5x18.
  • Four-way head assembly accommodates lever bar at four different positions.
  • Drop forged serrated steel cap floats on a chrome-moly ball reducing friction by 88%.
  • All housings are ductile iron and flared at the base to provide stability.
  • Positive stop for safety.
Sturdy, simple design makes them ideal for supporting machinery, construction, structural moving and general maintenance applications.
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