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Pumps CJS has a pump to meet almost any fluid handling or dispensing need. Designed and constructed to meet the highest standards, our pumps are exactly what you need to keep your operation running.

The complete pump offering includes a wide range of pumps to fulfill virtually every application demand.

Pump Types:
  • Grease - Grease Pumps are designed to handle a wide range of applications, fluid viscosities and system pressures. Combined with other Alemite products such as hose reels, dispensing valves and automatic lubrication devices, Grease Pumps can deliver lubricants from pails, drums, tanks and totes.
  • Oil - Oil Pumps are ideal for applications where fluids are piped to multiple hose outlets, reels, metered outlets or portable service stations. Combined with other Alemite products such as hose reels, dispensing valves and automatic lubrication devices, our Oil Pumps can deliver motor oils, gear oils, cutting oils, hydraulic oils, machine coolants, automatic transmission fluids and a wide range of petroleum based fluids from pails, drums, tanks and totes. Use for both bulk transfer and pumping directly from the original container.
  • Chemical and Material Handling - Chemical and Material Handling Pumps are designed to provide the capabilities and versatility needed to construct systems meeting all the individual requirements of various applications. Chemicals and Materials are pumped from their original containers or bulk storage tanks, transferred to the point of application and then sprayed, dispensed or extruded.
  • Undercoating - Materials may be sprayed using air-atomizing or airless spray systems. Applications include the spraying of adhesives, roof coatings and hundreds of similar applications.

    Designed with the user in mind, our reels are continually tested and evaluated to ensure our customers are getting a reel they can count on. They are constructed using high-grade materials and assembled with utmost attention to quality.

    Highly engineered to perform better, the reels are safer to maintain and operate. Our full line of reels meets the requirements of the most demanding industries. Used for a wide range of applications, our reels put lubricants and fluids within easy reach.

    Our reels include:

    • Heavy-Duty Reels
    • Severe-Duty Reels
    • High-Capacity Reels
    • Shielded Reels (Enclosed)
    • Oxygen/Acetylene Reels
    • Heavy-Duty Electric Cord Reels
    • Standard-Duty Electric Cord Reels
    • Stainless Steel Reels
    • Hand Crank Reels
    • Standard-Duty Light Reels
    • Corrosion Resistant Reels
    • Economy Reels

    For convenience, reel packages (include hoses and accessories) have been categorized under one product number. Bare reels, hoses and accessories can be ordered separately.

    NOTE: For ceiling or stand-mounted hose reels, reel should not be installed at heights greater than 18 from the floor to provide optimal operation.

    Hose SelectionTo select the proper hose or hose assembly, determine the following items:

    • End fitting size and thread
    • Inside diameter
    • Hose length
    • Materials of construction
    • Working pressure
    • Burst pressure

    NOTE: Selecting a hose with the appropriate pressure rating is critical when using hoses with air-powered equipment where rapid pressure increases can occur.

    Choose from the different hose types available:

    • High-pressure coupled grease hose
    • Medium-pressure coupled fluid hose
    • Fuel hose
    • Air/Water coupled hose
    • Recoil air hose assemblies
    • Welding hose

    We Know what it takes to produce a quality lubrication fitting to meet your lubrication needs. Our standard and metric fittings are manufactured to the highest-quality standards and are made from the highest-grade materials. We ensure all fittings are stronger, more durable and easier to use.

    Chicago Jack Services offers a complete line of lubrication fittings to meet the requirements of virtually every market. We have the capability to custom design and produce whatever fitting you need.

    We have fittings that conform to SAE AS35411, SAE J534, QS 9000 standards.

    Fittings are available in blister packs as well as bulk quantities.

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